#5 in 5-Part Series on Disaster Relief

With the cluster of natural disasters we've witnessed worldwide this past month, in this series we help individuals and businesses make decisions on how to give effectively. To recap our previous blogs on the topic, we recommend you:

  1. Consider giving to long-term rebuilding efforts
  2. Do your research
  3. Donate cash over goods in kind
  4. Don't go to the disaster zone

Our final tip is to maximize your donation through a:

#5 - Matching Grant Program.

For individual donors, research if your government or employer offers a matching grant for disaster relief efforts. There may even be a foundation or company that will match donations to a disaster relief charity they are supporting. Finally, the company you work for may also have a matching grant program based on the amount of cash you donate or even time you spend volunteering. Ask your HR department.

For companies, if a natural disaster impacts a region connected to your business, there are innovative ways you may support. Consider partnering with a charity to do a matching grant challenge. This type of campaign benefits the charity by creating a sense of urgency for the public to donate within a specific timeframe. As an added bonus, it may also provide positive public recognition to your business. Check out how PXG was able to help out the disaster relief efforts of Team Rubicon. One caveat, it's important you have a pre-existing relationship with a suitable non-profit. During a disaster, charities delivering aid may not have bandwidth to build out a full-blown campaign with a new corporate partner. It's also vital you consider the tax and fundraising laws of your region if you are not simply writing a cheque to charity.

If your business does not have a matching grant program for employees in place, consider instituting one. Especially if the natural disaster is one that has a direct impact on your employees, supply chain, or consumers. Set this up as either a one-time initiative or, if you are wanting to give more choice to your employees long-term, create one for an evergreen benefit. There are a variety of ways to design your matching grant program based on your goals and budget.

Want to learn more about making a meaningful impact? Check out our previous posts on supporting disaster relief efforts or reach out to the VortoVia team.


Are you a business, individual, or foundation that would like to be strategic about your giving, social responsibility, and impact? Or a charity that would like to innovate, scale and become fiscally sustainable? Not sure where to start or what to focus on? Contact Nicole and the VortoVia team for a consultation.